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Bad Habit is back, baby!  After a long winter hiatus, Bob, Dale, Chuck & Tom will be crawling out of their hole (guaranteeing 6 more weeks of summer if they see their shadow) with some new music to help kick off Summer '08 at the Berea Rib Cook-Off on Fri May 23, 2008. Check out our Live Schedule for details.  It'll be good to see y'all again, so come on over and have some fun with Bad Habit---again!

Bad Habit has a long history of making great music in and around Cleveland since 1970. Those of you who grew up here or have been around for awhile will probably remember some of the bands and people from back in the day who eventually evolved into today's Bad Habit. Take a little walk back in time and check out Bad Habit's Roots for the story of our history...and take a tour around the rest of our website.  That was then, and this is now, and we're still carrying on our tradition of playing Cleveland's best Classic Rock.




































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